The Games have begun! Don’t forget to enter a contest…

The deadline for several contests are approaching quickly! September 14, 2012 is the deadline so dig deep and tap into your creative side.

  • Short Film Contest: teens grades 6-12 can enter their original (up to 8 minute) short film that embodies the themes, messages and ideas found in The Hunger Games. Check out the amazing video made by the Monroe Youth Council posted below. Enter your film by 9/14/12.
  • Bookmark Contest: teens grades 6-12 are invited to design an original bookmark depicting The Hunger Games. Enter by 9/14/12.
  • Costume Contest: teens grades 6-12 are invited to design a costume representing their district (county). Sketch your costume and include fabric swatches. Enter by 9/14/12.
  • Writing Contest: teens grades 6-12 and adults are invited to submit an original poem or short story based on the them of “freedom.” Enter by 9/14/12

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  1. For the writing contest, if we write a short story, is it a short story based on the Hunger Games with original characters/scenery/scenarios? Or is it a completely 100% original story? It’s unclear to me whether, since the paper DOES say Hunger Games Writing Contest, whether the short story is supposed to be an original Hunger Games story or a COMPLETELY original story.

    • Hi there. Feel free to write a story set in the Hunger Games universe but just be sure to have original characters/plot. Let me know if you have any more questions.

      -411 Community Read

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