Survival Training Days

Individual Survival Training Days
Join with your parks and recreation department to prepare yourself to stay alive while learning skills that will be useful for years to come!

Survive an obstacle course of challenges including, but not limited to, Knot Tying, Water Carry, Bull’s-eye Bonanza, Straw Maze, and Mud Mayhem.


Final Challenge & Event @ the Arena – October 13 @ 10:00 am
The Hunger Games are all about survival of the fittest. Do you feel you have what it takes to survive the Final Challenge? As volunteers from your district, you have prepared and trained to enter the Cabarrus Arena for a gauntlet of challenges, puzzles, and physical trials. You will brave mud, water and other elements as you compete to be the last standing tribute for your district. Begins at 10:00 am and challenges continue throughout the day.

After the final challenge we’ll award prizes for all of our contests, including watching the winning entries in the short film contest.

View The Hunger Games movie on a big screen @ the Arena with fellow Panem fans! After the Final Challenge and award ceremony, settle in for a viewing of the movie.


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